Resolve Epson Printer Error

Epson has among the most renowned printers all around the world. Their versions are famous for their outstanding performance and constant high-quality prints. But every printer or driver has its fair share of flaws. Sometimes issues arise due to mechanical and technical reasons which are out of our control. Probably the most frequent mistake that consumers experience with Epson printers would be your Epson mistake code 0x97.

This error happens when the hardware internally has any issue.

During the printing period, this mistake mostly happens, and your printer suddenly stops printing.

To fix this error, here are some options:


1) Unplug your Epson printer and plug in it:


First, follow the Actions given below for this process:


Primarily, you need to start the printer and confirm that each record is or isn't jammed. If it's stuck, you then want to remove the window that is stuck thoroughly.


Now delete in the printers each of the cartridges.

Next, unplug in the printer all of the USB wires and power cable.

It would help if you pushed the power button on your Epson printer once you disconnect the printer.

Then, connect each USB cable and the power cable back into the printer after a couple of seconds.

In case the Epson Error Code 0x97 nonetheless stays or not, then proceed to another fix if it persists.


2) Unplug and plug in the printer in the opposite way:


Follow the Actions given below for this procedure:


Then detach all of the printer-connected cables.

Subsequently, hold and push the power button again to get 60 minutes.

Now, assess whether the mistake is still displayed.



3) Using wet tissue for mechanical pad cleaning:


Follow the Actions given below for this procedure:


First, turn the printer off and then cut all of the cables, including the power cable, in the printer.

Next, you have to open the case to your printer.

Today, the tissue has to be removed and dunked into warm water.


Now, switch your printer's thoughts toward the center.


Set the tissue onto the mechanical pad's mind following this.


You need to place the mind back in its location for 10 minutes today.


You need to reduce the fabric after 10 minutes and then shut it to the printer casing.

Turn your printer now.


4) Obtain a patch for the repair:


An Epson 0x97 fix patch could be downloaded from Epson users to fix the 0x97 bug. To obtain a patch to the fix, follow the steps below:


First, visit the 0x97 fix patch official website.

Download the file to the 0x97 upgrade.

Click the scanning button after downloading.

You Want to click Patch, then.


All these procedures above function to eliminate the Epson Printer  Code 0x97 out of your apparatus.


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